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Because of Mark VII’s vast experience with all phases and types of construction projects large and small, there is no one better suited to act as liaison between an owner and the various project team members… fighting the fight for your interests!  By adhering to proven controls Mark VII takes initiative on your behalf to ensure that the work you get is quality and the project is completed timely and cost efficiently.  You can rest knowing that Mark VII is overseeing your project so you and your staff can stay focused on what you do best!  Because construction is a world unto itself, most companies would likely over burden the time and capabilities of their staff in way’s they simply are not equipped to handle.  Whatever the level of service you require Mark VII is prepared to accommodate your needs. 


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Pre-Construction Phase:  The most important step in ensuring a smooth process.  End product and cost are most vulnerable at this phase.


Design/Development Phase:  The project moves from schematics to project documents and probable cost based on A/E estimates. 


Procurement Phase:  Bids, contracts, business structure, authorization letters, and 'life-of-the-project' reports are developed and finalized.


Construction Phase:  Emphasis shifts to managing resources and operations in order to benefit cost, scheduling and quality.

Construction Closeout Phase:  Final inspections/corrections.  Warranties/guarantees, certification, maintanence manuals, and contractor's statements.


Dispute Resolution Services:  Internal & external.  Copyright ownership, terms, fees, charges levied, insurance, compliance, etc.