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Welcome to Mark VII Enterprises your complete resource for Construction Management and Development representation!  Our experts have been involved in projects large and small all over the world.  From U.S. Government, 5-star International Resorts to Multifamily and Mixed-Use developments right here at home, Mark VII has the experience you need to ensure a successful project.   


As your Owner’s Representative Mark VII assures that the Owner’s best interests are always the prime consideration for every decision.  We are effectively your eyes and ears at the planning board, in the meeting rooms, on the project site, at the negotiating table and if necessary, in the courtroom.


What this means is that we work hard on your behalf to manage the day-to-day work of all the entities involved and mitigate problems by offering professional oversight, tested control procedures and creative solutions.  We don’t just react to things as they arise… we work pro-actively to avoid negative impacts and influence positive results.


For example, although Construction Cost are the major component of a project, owners often don’t consider the impacts of fees, permits, special consultants and what insiders often refer to as “scope creep” which can often equal 35%-40% of the project’s budget.  It’s yet another duty of Mark VII to keep those “extras” in mind while keeping the budget in check. 


Please take a few minutes to explore the site and see for yourself why Mark VII Enterprises is the only choice for your next development project.